About Tax Free Point


DSD Refund is part of DSD Foreign Trade Co., one of the leading foreign trade companies in Turkey. Founded in 1998 DSD Foreign Trade Co. has been annually serving over 200 exporters with its 9,500,000 TL paid capital and $400 million operation volume.

Since 2003, we have expanded our services and have begun to offer our tax refund services to visiting tourists, and have since become one of only two companies authorized to handle tax refunds to tourists.

To better promote our member shops, we pay the highest available refund in the shortest time.

As a local company, our other established trade relationships with member companies enable us to keep our costs to a minimum. This synergy helps us provide the highest refund rates to the customers of our participating affiliates, and that is why we are able to pay 5% to 13% refund depending on the tax rate of the purchased item.

DSD's staff is also ready to help our customers at most international ports in times of need.

Our customers' satisfaction is key to our success. Enjoy the pleasure of winning while shopping in Turkey...

As the young and dynamic local refund company of Turkey, we have been growing rapidly and doubling our volumes every year since 2003.

DSD Refund Tax Free Point is quickly becoming "the" refund company in Turkey...

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Instore Tax Refund, a better option to get your refund

If you use Easy Instore Tax Refund system in Tax Free Point affiliated stores, your refund will be paid to your credit card account instantly when you get your Tax Free Point Cheque stamped by the Customs Desk. In this way, you can finish the refund process in one single step and do not have to go to Tax Free Point offices at the exit gates.